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Missoni I missed you.

September 16, 2011

We all know Target does great designer collaborations.  Whether it be in fashion, home, or even the school supplies department, but this fall, they’ve stepped it up a notch, partnering with Missoni on a collection that ranges from women’s tights to lawn furniture (if I had a lawn, this would definitely be the furniture).

The collection debuted September 13 in Target stores across the US.  Alliecat and I made the trip up to the Harlem location afterwork on Tuesday, and were greeted by a sign at the door informing us that they had completely sold out of all Missoni collection merchandise by 8:30 that morning.  So we got groceries and went home sans zig-zag knitwear.










September 12, 2011

This is like a fabric shopping dream for me.

IFB Conference

September 7, 2011

Today, I am attending the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference at Mac & Milk Studios in NYC.  This is an event that happens at the start of each New York Fashion Week that allows bloggers to come together to mingle and network and learn from eachother.  Also, it allows us to work on our “Real Life” social skills because, as a group, we typically spend waaayyy too much time on twitter and pinterest.  Plus, it gives us a nice blog content boost and even more things to tweet about.  Its a win-win situation! 

Luckily, IFB has gone through the trouble of producing a “live stream” of the conference so that y’all can watch it from the comfort of your PC (or Mac, I don’t want to discriminate).  The conference lasts from 9 AM to 7PM and boasts an impressive panel of bloggers and fashion industry professionals that are eager to share their expertice and know-how.

Watch live streaming video from ifbconference at

Finding Queens

September 6, 2011

Alliecat and I took advantage of the only free morning we have in the forseeable future, and ventured over to Long Island City.  It’s the first stop in Queens on the 7 train which means incredible Manhattan skyline views along the East River and a much more laid back and open feeling.  I guess that’s what happens when the buildings around you get remarkably shorter. 

The day was hot and muggy so I decided to brighten it up a bit with this neon print sundress from Forever 21.  We spent the early afternoon exploring the park and had a terrific brunch (in NYC brunch lasts from breakfast to dinner) at Cranky’s before returning to our side of the river.

 To learn more about the reason for our outing, and see more pics from the day, check out our Juxtapose blog as well. (wordpress is still not linking properly so click here:

I’m Seeing Red.

September 1, 2011

Apparently… I really need a pair of red jeans in my life.

Hurricane Pie

August 31, 2011

So… it’s only called Hurricane Pie because we baked it during the hurricane, but the name stuck, and I will now and forever call blackberry/raspberry/strawberry pie Hurricane Pie.  Alliecat and I realized about 20 minutes into the baking process that we didn’t have an actual pie plate, so we made mini personal pies instead! 

I had originally found this recipe for gluten-free pie crust (wordpress is being fickle and won’t let me give you the link properly, so here it is:  that looks amazing, but I don’t have room in my kitchen for that many ingredients, so I got a handy-dandy gluten free pie crust box-mix instead. 

It was flaky, and a good texture, but I would probably do it a little thinner next time, and I left out the sugar because I prefer less sweet in my sweets, and it was a little bland, so I might put in 1/2 of what the box calls for next time. 

The filling was done by mixing every berry we had in the fridge.  I blended blackberries and raspberries and simmered them on the stove with honey (always tastier than sugar), then added gelatin and a little gluten-free flour to give it more substance.  I diced up a few strawberries and threw them in as well for fun. 


We layered the crust, filling, and a couple of basket weave strips in cupcake tins, then baked it at 475* F and about 25 minutes later, we had Hurricane Pie!

How to: Survive a Hurricane in New York City

August 30, 2011

Mid-Afternoon and Early Evening Saturday August 27th

Apparently, natural disasters had a bone to pick with NYC last week.  We started off with a nice little earthquake, and finished with a visit from Hurricane Irene. 

1st step – Stay far far away from zone A.  Keep in mind that Manhattan is an island so its best to get to the middle.

2nd step – Stock up on movies, snacks, and several people that have a good sense of humor because you’re going to be hanging out with them for a couple of days.

3rd step – Follow both the mayor’s office and the hurricane itself on twitter.  Both are necessary because the mayor’s office will give you legitimate updates and the @Ireneonthetown will offer some much needed comedic relief to the situation.

4th step- Watch ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ on DVD.  Wind and rain look very insubstantial when you compare it to this movie.

Rotating clouds a couple of hours before the storm hit.

Venturing Outside on Sunday

George Washington Bridge

Little Red Lighthouse

Clouds beginning to clear.


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