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Hurricane Pie

August 31, 2011

So… it’s only called Hurricane Pie because we baked it during the hurricane, but the name stuck, and I will now and forever call blackberry/raspberry/strawberry pie Hurricane Pie.  Alliecat and I realized about 20 minutes into the baking process that we didn’t have an actual pie plate, so we made mini personal pies instead! 

I had originally found this recipe for gluten-free pie crust (wordpress is being fickle and won’t let me give you the link properly, so here it is:  that looks amazing, but I don’t have room in my kitchen for that many ingredients, so I got a handy-dandy gluten free pie crust box-mix instead. 

It was flaky, and a good texture, but I would probably do it a little thinner next time, and I left out the sugar because I prefer less sweet in my sweets, and it was a little bland, so I might put in 1/2 of what the box calls for next time. 

The filling was done by mixing every berry we had in the fridge.  I blended blackberries and raspberries and simmered them on the stove with honey (always tastier than sugar), then added gelatin and a little gluten-free flour to give it more substance.  I diced up a few strawberries and threw them in as well for fun. 


We layered the crust, filling, and a couple of basket weave strips in cupcake tins, then baked it at 475* F and about 25 minutes later, we had Hurricane Pie!

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  1. August 31, 2011 2:43 pm

    remind me to come over next time there is an awefully publicized yet lightly impacting storm!!

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